ABA LSD Antitrust Liaisons

American Bar Association Law Student Division Liaisons to the Section of Antitrust Law


Law Student Leadership Opportunities

We're winding down another semester here, but looking forward to some great activities in the spring, including, of course, the AT's Annual Spring Meeting in Washington. Be on the lookout for the December issue of Student Lawyer for more on the benefits of joining the AT from yours truly.

Now is also the time to become familiar with the requirements for national student leadership positions, including entity liaisons, to be elected or appointed for the 2006-07 academic year. Some applications are due as early as February 1, so if you are interested, please take a look at the requirements. (I recommend you contact the current officer(s) or liaison(s) in the position(s) you are interested in to find out more before submitting your application.) Your circuit meetings are also a great opportunity to meet your peers and learn more about the ABA's regional and national activities.

Whether you are absolutely certain or still unsure of your future practice areas, the ABA's Sections and Divisions help make it easier to learn more while networking with peers and practitioners for as little as $20 per year. Why not make one of your new year's resolutions to expand your professional network by taking advantage of the student member discount rates?


Want to learn more about the Janet Steiger Fellowship?

Five of this past summer's fellows now have their profile information online so you can learn more about their assignments.

Remember, this year's fellowship opportunities have almost doubled to 15. Stay tuned to find out where the additional positions will be next summer.


Fall Forum in DC 11/15-16

For those of you in or near the DC area next week, the Fall Forum is a great opportunity to learn more about significant issues facing practitioners in this area of the law. Topics will include mergers, exclusionary conduct, international antitrust enforcement as well as criminal and civil enforcement of horizontal agreements.

More Fall Forum information is available here.

For Law Student Registration, please call Angel Hardy at 312.988.5609


An Encouraging Sign

ABA Executive Director Robert Stein reports in this month's ABA Journal that law student membership reached a new record high of 51,472 on August 31 (end of FY 2005). This is in addition to the 346,000+ attorney members that comprise the world's largest voluntary professional organization.

The report also includes the latest membership figures by section, division, and forum. Almost 10,000 ABA members have already joined the AT!

Consumer Protection Update

This month's consumer protection update will be presented today by Wiggin & Dana attorneys Robert Langer and Steve Malech.